Benefits is No. 1 business community in Nigeria.

¤ Networking opportunities
¤ Access to training resources
¤ Financial Advisory Services
¤ Online Business News 
¤ Mentorship
¤ Webinars with Business Leaders
¤ Business Innovation Prize
¤ Enjoy Loyalty Programmes

 10 Compelling Reasons to List Your Business

1. Networking opportunities including social events and team building
activities – there would be opportunities to win business class return
tickets donated by partner airlines, complimentary weekend offers by
partner hotels for members as special prizes, etc

2. Book flights from the website when we conclude partnership deals
with selected airlines

3. Partnership deal with a bank for a co-branded bank card with
multiple benefits, e.g. transactions; the card can also be used as a
discount card for accommodation at our partner hotels in Nigeria

4. Attend fire side chats with successful business leaders for limited
seats through online registration

5. Attend seminars and workshops on specific topics of interest …
e.g. Seminars on Understanding the Implications of the Finance Bill
for your business; Economic Outlook for 2020, Budget
Analysis/breakdown,  etc

6. Share information on trade shows overseas

7. Read daily business news

8. Provide real time Currency Converter and Exchange Rates

9. Purchase business and motivational books from the website when it
is enabled

9. Access to monthly newsletter (e-copy) and opportunity to advertise
your business

10. Sponsorship to attend select business conferences in Nigeria, e.g.